Exchanges with a hook-up
A found-text poem-thing, directly taken from a Snapchat conversation with a boy I met on another app. You can critique or just make jokes  big hug


You should cut yourself with 10 euro notes
The colour of blood
It’s logical

But if the blood’s spread thin and left to age
it will turn to sanguine brown
The muted red-and-yellow of a 50 euro note

But say it is left to age
for a few million years,
eventually evolutionary biology
will grow small grass and moss,
which is the colour of a five euro note
Even further,
if a rose grows,
we’ll be back to a ten euro note.

Nature is beautiful.

[shamrock emoji; herb emoji; fallen leaf emoji; leaf fluttering in wind emoji; dove emoji; shamrock emoji]
This would be not just as good, but better, if you didn't frame it as a found thing, but titled it that in some way. Or name it something else altogether. Sometimes framing situations hurt or help; as simple as the frame it's in.

A Found Thing

Something similar, or better.
i much like the concept of this. money is such a human thing. a few thoughts--

--sanguine brown does not seem different from brown
--'but say it is left to age' is redundant, you said that a few lines ago?
--parallellism issue: you use direct numbers at first (10 euro note) and later switch to the written versions (ten euro note)
--i think the line 'nature is beautiful' is unnecessary
--the third stanza could be pared down slightly, but up to you

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