A Widowed Muse
A Widowed Muse

To be sure, you'll outlive me

you with your quinoa 
and your couscous
and your mornings in the gym

mornings I'm lucky to wake
from whatever poisons I take
to wiggle the pen at night

to scribble in ink 

to put a piece of you to paper

to be sure you'll outlive me.

Yes. I too want to be survived by the people I write about, so that I don't have to suffer their loss, my loss really, and so there'll be no one around to have the last word.
Really dig this one, love how the poem comes full circle. Also how mindful it is of itself. Thanks for the read
Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.
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Rob Cave
The way that you write about this person reflects to me how love should be. We should love through admiration and through wanting to see the best for that individual. We should also acknowledge the best in that individual. Love should be selfless as you mirrored in this piece. I love it, as it paints a picture, not only visually, but it pushes you into deeper thought about what those we love really mean to us.

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