Abusive Apologist
Abusive Apologist

Sounds of her thumbs are silent,
she's quiet, alone with her child.
Typing her apologies, advice, and sympathies.

Holding her pixelated community
typing with heart-felt consistency.

Words of encouragement flow like
a dam holding water from flowing over the edge.
Coming out of my sad scenario she is there.
Taking my restless heart to bed.

Whilst sitting there at home being told,
by the man she embraced.

That she is nothing, but a waste of his time and space.
She will never leave the box she helps maintain.
She will never know compassion, his hate
her fate.

When his hand strikes her face, she breaks down
and tells me.

I can't take this anymore.

Words of being sorry, start this score.
telling her she is stronger than stigma, ignorance, blind anger,
and abuse.

Words of being there for her friends,
strong for her family,
in a reality run a power and money.
Where one take what one wants.

She can give everything she can
to stop this cycle of violence, abuse,
controlled by fear and illness.
She could run with her son.

Escape the cycle of the abusive apologists
who only loves when one leaves.
Then quick to leave and abuse the next thing.

I hope you get better, independently walking on you feet.
I hope you silent thumbs will be there once more for me.
I hope your son doesn't hit you like his father did anymore.
I hope that confidence and love end this score.

Torn I sit and offer a ride, from the box in which you hide.
Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.
--mark twain
Rob Cave

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