It's like this: a girl comes
and sits next to you,
flashes her teeth like a lioness.

You give her a glass
                   from your heart

The first drink & we're all smiles,
you're unsure.  This all seems
she asks for another. You pour another.

She's a little drunk and
you're a little drained
running out of tricks,
anemic in your plays

The third drink does it,
she's giving you the eyes
that say 'come back to me,
pour yourself in mine'

by the hand we go
facing sunrises with trepidation
into cheap hotels
without reservations

clothes slip off
well-oiled by your tongue,
your heart becomes
a little more undone

in morning drowned in dawnlight
she begins to see
received all you could give her
she begins to leave

Before you even start
to talk of love (and the part
that she'd drank so heavily)
She's gone, you're naked—now


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