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                [Image: flyinghippo-BenHeine.jpg]
                "up" - Ben Heine

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                                                    So sometime in the near future
                                                    There will be cars with flying bones,
                                                    Technical donkeys describing elliptical hares.
                                                    Every day a new hippopotamus for fresh meat,
                                                    Little cabbages lined up for slaughter,                      
                                                    Oranges circling lemons circling limes.
                                                    And walls and walls and walls and walls...
                                                    Walls to be claimed,
                                                    Walls to be maimed,    
                                                    Walls of impeccable, erudite time.
                                                                        - - -

almost terse
pretty bizarre... here´s my probably equally bizarre associations.

L2 makes me think about how it might be when AI survives human beings.
don´t know what to make of them elliptical rabbits, but "elliptical" seems to connect with the third line of the second stanza.

the new hippopotamus (together with your pic) and the cabbages made me think about genetic engineering .. i think i read once about strawberries, that were improved with some fish gene to make them more resistant to cold climate.
but the slaughter also spurs dark associations towards humans , or groups of them becoming superfluent, or a food source (matrix and soylent green are greeting)
but i couldn´t fit the citrus fruit line into that thought.

it´s an interesting progression from orange over yellow to green and big to small.. almost seems like the sun, though it´s supposed to be white after it became a very big orange...

the last line is nice.. time is something that can neither be claimed nor be maimed. though i don´t understand what those other walls stand for.

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