I was doing a ritual/the demon came up and said/: Strange you aint doin it like it says, you just foe-ing around,/and you don't have the money to/for the stuff you need./ I said it's funny you're here, then./It's funny you showed up like I said./ / It's funny how they say that. , I try and say afterward. . . . But it's the same night. , and I haven't woke up , and the demon's like . You ' n' called on me. /Only, I didn't./ I didn't call on anything, or played with that type of stuff. I just tried, regularly. Real people stuff. If anything, I was dreaming./ Gosh, he said, and, like it meant something. . . . Gosh, he said, . . . just gosh.
Or, as Mephistopheles said, "Out of it? Hell has a food cart, man/Hell has a food cart."
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Ha, I love this! The narrator so nonchalant about the demon showing up. The demon criticizing the narrator's technique like it's his pet peeve or something. The narrator sassing back to the demon like there's not a demon from hell just standing there waiting. And the demon being all befuddled and speechless about the whole thing. It reminds me of this book of "Grandfather Tales" I have where half the stories are about "How John beat the devil" or some variant of that where the devil shows up and gets his ass handed to him by some cool as a cucumber dude. Big Grin

I noticed that you have the music note symbol up in the corner ... and this would be perfect set to the right tune, (maybe Jonny Cash or Willie Nelson style)? Is there already music for it?
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