I must leave right away, this place is a horror show. Really fucking nasty. The hell of all hells. A small town local where the punters own their stereotypes like medals; but, Anna puffs out a plume of fake smoke, and she looks so pretty it’s impossible for me to say “let’s go”, so I just sit there, rattling. 
And then, in he comes. The Man! The Legend! You’d piss on him as soon as look at him, outside; but here, within the walls of this shithole, he’s a fucking rockstar. 
I start to laugh uncontrollably until Anna grabs my arm and drags me out of the pub.
—You’ll get y’ead kicked in, she says, and we go. 
We walk, arm in arm, through the undead streets of Eltham, to the sound of music and alarm bells overlapping on the cool evening air.
Love it
More needed
~ I think I just quoted myself - Achebe
ha, I thought mmmmm, pretty luscious.
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thanks. happy you liked it.

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