Space Doesn't Permit
Space doesn't permit? Criticism. 30 pages of a proposition. Then one poem analyzed for ten pages. Then say: I could analyze several more poems to show my point, but space doesn't permit.—I looked at the end of the book, it's less than 200 pages and there's notes and the index.—You could have written a 400 page book, but you just say, space doesn't permit. What in space isn't permitting? Why can't you just say what you have to say?
Wait, what book is this? It sounds sorta familiar....
For me, all poems are literal, and then there are the things that make it a real poem like metaphor and metonymy, you know, jive stuff. The things that make it untrue so it can be a real poem.
And when you read books of literary criticism, especially those on poets and poems, someone says this and this and this, and then gives two examples to prove their point, usually by the same poet, then say they could give more examples from the same poet or from another but don't, then make another 30 page proposition and examine one poem that suits it. And go on and on for a mere 178 pages, then cite about three hundred references.

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