The Gripe with Christianity:
I've been reading this exchange for awhile and hadn't planned on commenting. At first, I thought we're a poetry site probably nothing we want to get into, and then I thought we're a poetry site do we really interpret anything at such a literal level without considering authorial intent, context, etc. All that said, I think Shem makes a good argument here on interpreting the text of 1 Timothy 2. This isn't like Paul's restriction on long hair for men (church of Corinth I believe) which was given we think to not confuse the early Christian sect with some of the local temple prostitutes of other religions. This appeal for women, even yes sent in a church letter, is an appeal to creation. It is going for something more universal than cultural. There's not a lot of nuance in it. These were pastoral epistles meaning they were associated with how the church was to be run--so yes that context is there but the language is more plain spoken and direct. So, a literal follower of Scripture (not pointing at Nibbed here just addressing the idea) should probably attempt to adjust their behavior to the mandate given, or come up with some reason or rationalization as to why it doesn't really say what it plainly says. Which is something we all do in pretty much every area of our lives not just the religious ones.
The secret of poetry is cruelty.--Jon Anderson
Hi, Todd.

I like how you worded that.
Are you a politician? Wink
Well, you are a wonderful moderator, for sure.
With that being said, let's write some poetry!
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I like how the poem's title captured the thread.
It's what poetry does sometimes, almost in a
magical way, uniquely taking on a life of its own.

there's always a better reason to love
Hello Nibbed,

So I just wanted to say, I'm feeling a bit guilty about being so confrontational. You seem like a very good and sincere person, and it isn't my intention to make you feel bad in anyway. I still think my objections have some validity, but I don't want to offend you just for the sake of "winning" an argument. I try to be better than that... but very, very, often fail.

Anyway, stay true and have a super fantastic day.


don't feel guilty. it is false guilt.
it's okay to have passion about your beliefs.
it's part of what makes us who we are.
people are different, we all have different opinions
it doesn't make us better than anyone else, just different.
I'm glad God didn't make us all the same.
It would be a really boring world if He had.
I hope I did not upset you.
you are a wonderful precious soul

there's always a better reason to love
Of course it's true that God loves us.

We all love our pets, even while we're making them do stupid things so we can put them on Youtube for everyone to laugh at.
It could be worse

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