Hurricane Sestina
Lush fertile land glistening near the coast
stirs with anticipation.  The on-going 
newscast update forecasts every minute
in living rooms across the state.  People
who've been through this before tell the children
there's nothing to worry about, it will
all be okay, as thunder shakes their walls and will,
wishing they also left the coast
with the others.  A whole week with children
during a hurricane and already, tempers are going
haywire.  All the people
left in town hold hands, counting each minute.
The mailbox flies off, the roof could go any minute.
Waters dripping through the ceiling, the windows and doors, and will
continue rising up the stairs, destroying livelihoods these people,
whose only dream to coast
through life unharmed's going 
out with children's 
tears.  The children,
in a calm minute,
have no idea they're going
to feel the full force of wind shoving them in mass against the wall.  Will
nothing be left, all life washed away or flattened to the coast?
How long before they total the number of people
missing?  How long til it's over? People
feel helpless like children
as the non-stop onslaught persistently pummels the coast.
Every second turns to minutes, minutes
to hours.  The noise and darkness will
make an exhausted mind crumble.  The weather going
strong two more days, three more and powers going
on despite the devastation.  People
start picking up the pieces, good will
and charities reaching out to children
who survived, all the men and women it
hurt, determined to live along the coast.

The coast has a million reasons people
are always going back, bringing their children.
I don't doubt a minute they always will.
It's fantastic!

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