Epitaph's - Post 'em if you've got 'em
Hello, I enjoy the witty sayings and limericks that are on headstones.  From time to time when pondering death I like to write my own. I'll share some I've written with you, but I'd like to have other people take a whack at it and post as well. 
Feel free to comment on the epitaphs freely. Enjoy Smile

Here I Rest
Great But Not The Best
A Character None The Least
Kind Heart With An Inner Beast
Intellect, Wisdom, Charity
Traits that are a rarity
Many Friends With Few Foes
Who is Who? Who knows?
Except I
A syndrome can amend a man's attention span to scatter,
and with clutter run asunder flutter under any ladder,
He'll try harder to be smarter like martyr wants to matter,
One slip though out the window and all his organs go splatter.

Here lies Rick
Who sealed his fate
Hitting the gas
Instead of the brake
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches
Push them back
I'm seeing red
Lock them deep inside my head
Memories of the dead
All the things I never said
Every day seems force fed
Can't raise this corpse from its deph
Of what was me, there is nothing left
Except a stain composed of regret.
Told you I was sick.
Is it safe to come out now?
~ I think I just quoted myself - Achebe
Burn this poem.
billy wrote:welcome to the site. make it your own, wear it like a well loved slipper and wear it out. ella pleads:please click forum titles for posting guidelines, important threads. New poet? Try Poetic DevicesandWard's Tips

He was a river to his people,
and a notch above the rest --

"...the lone and level sands stretch far away."

(01-24-2017, 07:06 AM)CRNDLSM Wrote:  Here lies Rick
Who sealed his fate
Hitting the gas
Instead of the brake
Here lies Jeff,
You're speaking to the deaf.
For I am 6 feet underground
and cannot hear a sound.
I'll lend an ear, I have no price,
but please, don't ask me for advice.
Got off at Willoughby.

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