I found a site called ANAGRAMATRON by accident the other day.
ANAGRAMATRON finds tweets on twitter that are anagrams of other tweets. 
The whole thing is initially done using a program that has a database of tweets and matches up ones that have the exact same letters in them. The majority of those are either the same tweet or just the same words in a different order. The next majority are ones where there are only one or two words different. But once the robot gets rid of all that the final selection is looked at by humans for any significant or humorous connections.

Although the process and whole idea may seem boring beyond belief, some of the actual results are brilliant and I see it being an occasional saviour for me now and then when the modern world has pissed me off. I don't use twitter so am not really aware of all the pretentious oh woe is me serious shit man crap that people post as tweets. The fact that a robot comes along and pairs it with another totally unrelated tweet that is an anagram and also spookily sometimes the perfect reply is a suitably appropriate way of feeling better about the media madness of the internet without actually taking the piss. It wasn't us, it was the robot. 

I'm sure it will also create a wobbly platform for the "Yeah man everything is cosmically connected in a cosmic kind of way that connects: Lets discuss Quantum entanglement again", 
... but these robot things sure seem keen to serve, so I'm certain there'll be a solution for this also.

Here are some examples and I've left the link for those interested.

[Image: 5.JPG]

[Image: 4.JPG]

[Image: 2.JPG]
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Big Grin My dad would have loved this and I can't wait til my sister starts working these into conversation. This will be the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for posting it. Big Grin
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I think it's the funny pairings that will make this site:

Stomach touching my spine
Got so much pain in my chest
Absolutely lost in the sauce
Neo-soul is actually the best

Could be the next poetry challenge.
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