Tiger in a suitcase
(09-13-2010, 02:04 PM)addy Wrote:  I agree that cross-border legislation is a very good step.
But the fact that even human rights concerns are still major issue makes me worry how well this could be enforced.

It makes me sick, but posters here made very good points about this being a "game" of economics, and the way to hit this illegal industries hard is to level harsher punishment on their consumers. Screw getting a measly jail sentence/probation for people caught with child pornography. They are hurting children in a very real way by sustaining a slave trade, and should be punished as such. Same should go for rich people caught buying/trading in exotic animals.
i can't disagree with that.
though i can't put the trade of animals on the same level as the trade of children.

sad but at least they weren't suffocated in a suit case


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