Phrases to forever expunge from your critiques
You should write this in the shape of the state of texas.
(09-06-2014, 08:47 AM)Erthona Wrote:  It made my hearty soar.

One of the best I've read.

It has a soft meaning.

It's depth invigorates me.

It makes me thrill.

I know it must be from your heart as it touches me so much.

Are you sure this wasn't posted to an erotica workshop?
The secret of poetry is cruelty.--Jon Anderson
Another beauty from the forum today:

"I feel like this has effort put in it , but I don't feel it"
It could be worse
gems, every last one of them.

"it reminds me of a famous poem, thats good, really, best dude"

almost terse
the immortal phrase under the newbs avatar.

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RE: cherry blossoms
(Yesterday 11:58 PM)jaysky Wrote:
I like it. Short but good if extended could be better. Good job

i really wanna start critiquing invalid critique
and paste it as a reply to the offender's newest post
each time they write such dreadful shite on someone else's.

but that's bad and wrong, so i won't.

but i really wanna.
Report the comments. It makes the mods happy because then we get a heads-up and can ban people even more quickly than we would just searching through stuff on our own... although these ones always seem to come under our radar within a fairly short time anway.

Nothing shits me more than people who think they're fooling us with their blatantly ignorant attempts to get their post count up so they can spam our perfectly pretty boards with their faecal poetasting.
It could be worse
tec got him/her/it Big Grin

faecal poetasting Hysterical

" bats those bats slap them down there get that one your poem no bats no bats"

almost terse
Oh my I've used so many of these
Peanut butter honey banana sandwiches

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