what does everyone do and for how long
make stuff up if you feel you must Tongue
but try and tell the truth..

me first;
as a young person i had so many jobs i've forgotten most of them.
i had a job as a landscape gardener for just over a year which i loved.
my first long term job was as a suspended ceiling fixer and dry wall partitioner. it sounds like a shit job but in the mid 1970's i was earning about $2.500 to $3000 a month. my wages grew to a point where in one 6 month period i made almost a quarter of a mill dollars. (which i duly spent Smile )
after that i started doing car-boots as a business and progressed to buying
and selling antiques. something i became pretty good at. i got to travel the world though i had previously done some traveling it wasn't as extensive.
i did the antiques thing for about 15 years. again i made a fair bit of profit though it was never saved. i retired about 10 yrs ago at the age of 45.
i still get to travel though mainly to england and spain once or twice a year.

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