not understanding the difference between ambiguity and
polysemy, can you explain please

Smile ?
Had to google it:

Heres a few selected examples from Wikipedia:

1.The human species (i.e., man vs. animal)
2.Males of the human species (i.e., man vs. woman)
3.Adult males of the human species (i.e., man vs. boy)

1.a financial institution
2.the building where a financial institution offers services
3.a synonym for 'rely upon' (e.g. "I'm your friend, you can bank on me"). It is different, but related, as it derives from the theme of security initiated by 1
However: a river bank is a homonym to 1 and 2, as they do not share etymologies. It is a completely different meaning. River bed, though, is polysemous with the beds on which people sleep.

1.a bound collection of pages
2.a text reproduced and distributed (thus, someone who has read the same text on a computer has read the same book as someone who had the actual paper volume) make an action or event a matter of record (e.g. "Unable to book a hotel room, a man sneaked into a nearby private residence where police arrested him and later booked him for unlawful entry.")

1.a bird
2.a type of construction equipment strain out one's neck

So basically, words that have multiple meanings or uses

Sorry I didnt see the comparison to Ambiguity in the title. I think the difference is that Polysemy actually DOES have concrete multiple meanings, while ambiguity is a matter of perception. Like the Alice in wonderland drawing on this wikipedia page:
so an "ambiguous" part of a poem is "polysemous" and in need for resolution..?

Quote:unlike polysemy it emphasizes not discrete meanings but their simultaneity

One is a word and the other is not. Smile or one is a word, and the other is misspelled.

Polysemy has a diversity of meanings, such and object like a cross, as it has many meanings as perceived by many people.

ambiguity: means that there is doubt associated with its (that which is ambiguous) meaning. In the story "Young Goodman Brown, one is uncertain if what has been reported is a dream, a hallucination, or the actual truth, especially as it is juxtaposed with the normalcy of the Puritan village right after Goodman Brown has just experienced the experience of very odd and non normal things. Therefore his story is ambiguous.

Both words originate in late Latin, but reach us by different routes.

I'm sure others could give more concise and expansive definitions, but I am generally of the belief that one should do the work themselves.

How long after picking up the brush, the first masterpiece?

The goal is not to obfuscate that which is clear, but make clear that which isn't.
yup got it already ha

Quote:means that there is doubt associated with its (that which is ambiguous) meaning

but thanks Smile

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