how to work on structure
by which i mean the literal and metaphorical meaning of a poem, what can be paraphrased, rather than the musical etc. qualities of the poem.

it's not that i lack sentiments, but perhaps a cohesive imagination, i dunno.

any tips on how to work on STRUCTURE?
yes, write a poem
edit the shit out of it
post it.

structure is a big word in any craft. decide the style of poem you'd like to use, form? rhyme? non rhyme?
what meter any, or non? subject matter? most poems like an odd metaphor some like them extend and some just like narrative. it's all about you what do you feel. good poems come in all shapes and sizes. just start with a train of though and see what you can use from it as a baseline.
ok - edit / expand, is good advice...

i don't naturally think in "metaphor", but maybe like symbols.
and i'm kinda fucked up and don't have much in my life... so like i feel a bit like i have little to write about.

... i'm at the stage where i'm about to write like my tenth tiny poem on being bored Big Grin
metaphor is just one of many poetic devices, you don't have to use them all. simile, assonance, consonance,
you must have an imagination?

do you think Shelley actually new a Frankenstein? or Rossetti a goblin market? it's not the world that's your oyster, it's your mind. use some of poetry's rules mix with some imagination, add a splash of reality and you have a good poem/book/painting etc. write a poem about an apple, how mundane is that, some people have wrote books about it that weren't mundane at all. write about your club foot, ..what's that, you don't have a club foot? your imagination does.
yeah... i guess part of what i want to know, is what function the imagination has in good poetry. if i imagine being a hunchback or having a clubbed foot, is that just a vehicle for a song, or a cathartic thing, or ideally - what?

cheers for replying BTW Smile
everything is up for use. you use your own experiences in tandem with your imagination. you could also imaging yourself being a rodeo clown or an astronaut. you could have a dog horse or fire engine. every and any thing... truth or fiction. if it's good, it's good.
Write limericks. Write parodies (parodies are actually AWESOME for working through these issues, because you have bones to work with already). Write silly stuff and insane stuff and don't try too hard. You have to find your own voice and that might not be one that uses a lot of metaphors. Many poets don't. There will be other devices that suit you. It's not uncommon when just starting out to think you have to put everything into a poem -- but poems are more organic than that. They arrive whole but a bit dishevelled, you give them a good trim and send them out into the world. If they're not well received, bring them back, put them in the cupboard for a while and send out another one.
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