Portable Poetry Anthology Recommendations

I am looking to buy a poetry book to carry with me throughout the day. Preferably, it would be a wide range of topics/time periods (i.e. not just poems about the sea or poems only written in the 20th century). Many anthologies I am finding that fit that requirement are bigger 4 pound 1000+ page types. It would also be nice if hard back copies are available since I will be pulling it out of and shoving it back in this messenger bag I carry around. Does anyone have any good recommendations that would fit the bill? I fear what I am looking for may be too specific, but that is what I really want to find. Thanks in advance.
The only book I'm thinking of that is close is one of those 4 lb numbers you mention. It is the Norton Anthology of Poetry. I remember the 5th edition being good.

It's about as portable as you can get for what you are looking for.
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Yeah, it is likely hard to find one. Obviously, since I want something light, it doesn't have to be a comprehensive collection. I am just hoping to find something with a little variety.

EDIT: Does anyone have an opinion on A Book of Luminous Things: An International Anthology of Poetry, ISBN: 0151001693?
I just scanned through the table of contents. There's some I like, some that I don't. Here's something you could do. Most of these poems are on the internet. Go to amazon, open up the table of contents and take a sample. If you like it pick up the anthology.

I probably wouldn't buy the one you mention, but that's just a personal taste thing.
The secret of poetry is cruelty.--Jon Anderson
Good suggestion. I also found One Hundred and One Famous Poems, ISBN: 0880297476, that comes in hardcover and is small. However, while there are likely some good poems in it, it also seems like it might be a bit too generic. For instance, I noticed the Declaration of Independence is in it. While the document has some interesting thoughts and language, I am looking for something different and surprising, rather than something cliche.
If you have library access you might want to consider just picking up a few at a time. Even if they are by just one poet you can just return it if it doesn't suit you. When you're done trade them in for a few more. Lightweight poetry books are also pretty cheap at used book stores. Just dig in.
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i know you want a hard back book but one option is to copy some of the audio stuff down we have on the site [ Audio Poetry, Podcasts and Classical Music: etc] onto an mp3 player

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