Does horror have a place in poetry?
Often when I read poems which embrace horror, they're a bit silly and egotistical. Lots of stuff about dragons drinking blood and how a broken relationship is like a zombie nibbling a brain. A brain of UNREQUITED LOVE! Sylvia Plath, I think, was a very good horror poet. Her nastiest work was filled with dark spaces, magic, violence and sarcasm. Poe was great too, of course. So my question is, I guess, have you ever read any great horror poems, and do you think that horror and poetry go together?
(By the way, by "horror" I don't just mean "dark"; horror should at least mean to evoke fear, disquiet, or at the lower end revulsion).
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Well there's the aforementioned, and one of my personal favourites, Edgar Allen Poe.

Any feeling or thought has a role in poetry. Poetry is nothing but a medium for it.
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Why not? Every other topic has had a place in poetry, whether asked for or not. Don't forget, horror is not just about zombies or vampires. It be can about be the quiet man next door dismembering bodies in his basement or the religious zealot who believes that he gets to rape a thousand virgins if he bombs innocent women and children. You can go on to the serial rapist and or child molester. The Holocaust was horrific. Please write poetry about horror, write about things that we should never forget or forgive. Write about the horror that is man!
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I think about everyone likes to read Poe.
There's the psychological side of horror that poetry can definitely explore. I've even tried it once. It's kind of fun.
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