new sanctions on iran
will they make any differenceHuh
(06-09-2010, 11:34 AM)velvetfog Wrote:  The mullahs in Iran wants their own nuclear tipped missiles to do as they please with.
They won't stop just because the sanctions keep getting tougher.
i have to agree.

i could never work out why they don't send black ops squads i to kill at least the higher ranking ones.

sanctions also hurt the good people of iran.
We handed sanctions. And they kept working through them. We gave them more sanctions. And they did the same. Someone else sense that sanctions aren't working? Confused
one of the reasons is this;
the sanction are not tough enough. don't hit the right places.

if the sanctions included an oil/gas embargo or a banking embargo where all iranian assets are frozen and all non iranian banks stop dealing with iran, you'd see a difference within two months. but that wouldn't be fair to the general populace because it would bring the country to it's knees (literally)

someone came up with the idea of countries doing individual embargoes, which sounds well and good but really they'd be unenforceable and only cause anger between countries that disagreed.

personally i think on the first set of sanctions they should have been much stronger using the sanctions i suggested. that said back then russia would have used it's veto

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