PDF: Guidelines For Writing Haiku in English
A PDF titled:
Guidelines For Writing Haiku in English

This will also be posted at the top of the short form forum and in the reference, pdf forum as well. please feel free to download. only to be used as a teaching aid. and not for resale or distribution under other circumstances.

big thanks to ray for the idea of having something on the site we can actually download.

William J. Higginson 1938 – 2008
An American poet, translator and author most notable for his work with haiku and renku, born in New York City. He was one of the charter members of the Haiku Society of America, and was present at its formation meeting in 1968

His three major works, The Haiku Handbook (1985), Haiku World (1996), and The Haiku Seasons (1996), all continue to sell well with internet booksellers, while The Haiku Handbook is one of the most widely-read English-language haiku books.

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