Are we samey?
(03-05-2012, 01:21 AM)tectak Wrote:  
(03-04-2012, 11:08 PM)Todd Wrote:  I guess that could happen. I don't think it has happened here. We all seem pretty opinionated. I don't see us shifting that easily.
I cannot remember how many times I have said this on various sites, but I will say it again. Criticism is an OFFER not a CREED. I, you and Abu too, do not need to conform to anyone's proffered opinions, but it a foolish man/woman who listens to no one.
There is space here for the wildest literary excesses, and with excess comes largesse. We should all be free to express opinion but even though desirable, this is not a requirement, only a preference.
If any of the above were not so then ,Abu, I would be dubious about the situation. As far as I can see, all is well.

My feeling is, that the tendency to conform is driven in a more stealthy way. Suppose that you are, very often, in a group where it is generally accepts that Cameron ans his posh cronies, and their Tory henchmen, are the slimiest of slime. Even when not talking of politics, that underlying concept will be there. You might have grave doubts as to who was best able to run the economy; you might have half-concluded that the strategy being followed was more likely to be of general benefit than the labour or Liberal people. But do you want to continually argue the point? Likewise, and I recall this, one of my children went to a private school. When you went along for one of those compulsory excoriations, other Dads would start up about 'Bring back National Service!' and various pro-Tory pronouncements. You could flatly contradict, or make jokes about how men had rosy recollections of times when in fact they had often been terrified. Or go with the flow. Maybe I am making something out of nothing. It was just a thought, and as I don't have many, I have to make the most of of those which do come by.Smile

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