Personal personal v Personal which leeches?
(03-01-2012, 02:00 PM)billy Wrote:  i think i'd be more 1/3rd persona; 1/3 humour and 1/3 sheer fabrication if i had to quantify it. Smile

what is weird is that for me, some my most painful experiences are some of my best experiences and some of my funniest. i don't know if that's normal or not for others.
Billy, I think one of the functions of humour is to make the painful, sad or miserable things palatable, so that we can live with them. My father spoke v little of his experiences in WW1 , but when he did, it was always as a funny story: like the rather selfish bloke brewing up some tea for himself in a dug-out; a shell lands; the only thing remaining is the metal cup! I remember laughing at it, the way he told it, yet in truth, my father had had to go around and pick up whatever remained of his comrade-in-arms. I fear I have become repetitive. Big Grin

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