Personal personal v Personal which leeches?
(02-26-2012, 04:21 PM)Leanne Wrote:  I don't like poems* to venture too close to the very personal, but of course we can't help it as we're the only genuine frame of reference we've got. I tend to prefer a certain detachment, and I know that alienates those who enjoy the voyeuristic kind of read you get with the ultra-confessional stuff, but at the end of the day, I really just like to play with words and see if I can't get people thinking a bit. I suspect there's more of a personal connection there than most people would realise, since intellect is king for me.

*I mean I don't like to write them, I'll read them, but only if technique isn't sacrificed in the hope that people are sympathetic enough to forgive the lapse.
I think there are those who naturally turn to writing, to express their most painful feelings, whether as therapy or no. I think I think also, that there are those for whom the reverse is the case. Feelings or relationships for them are somehow devalued by being broadcast, and so they refrain from this. Yet something of our character does seep out, no matter how matter-of-fact some simple fun thing may be. Perhaps, in addition, those people, if they choose to write in layers (which always baffle simpletons like me) or other 'obscure' manner, quite naturally resent nose-poking enquiries as to 'what it means', as they perceive these to be v close to 'tell me all the stuff that's going down in your real life'. Voyeuristic indeed!Smile

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