Personal personal v Personal which leeches?
When I began posting, I resolved never to disclose anything which related to my own private life. Then I realised that stuff did come out, even if I were writing about Parisian steam-lorries. Then, I wrote an actual thing touching upon things that had happened in the past -- and then a bit more. I still tend to pull away if someone else does the same; it has to be that much better. I fear they will be self-indulgent, or bosom-bearing ( not in a 'pics please' way), and I don't know what. I think I am reserved by nature.

Are you a leecher, or an 'anything goes' person? I assume that technique is not forgotten in either case.

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Personal personal v Personal which leeches? - by abu nuwas - 02-26-2012, 10:09 AM

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