drug tests
I am very closely affected by this new policy. Alabama has always been known as the last state to follow 'progress,' so if this works in FL and other parts of the country, we are doomed to follow. I don't think it will work for a couple of reasons.
First, if you DEPEND on government assistance to live, AND have been given a 'heads-up' about the test, you would have to be a huge idiot to show up for a DT knowing you won't pass. Secondly, drug tests are easy to fool (I should know.)
This law seems to be passed on the assumption that if a person has money to buy drugs then they don't need goverment assistance. What about people who smoke for free? This might sound ridiculous, but so is placing so much importance on the chemical consistency of one's urine. The state of Florida, and really the US, is just looking for ways to balance the incredibly skewed budget. To me, this is just an extension of our country's already overbearing money-hungriness. Every year the fines for trivial traffic offenses go up and our police stage roadblocks and traps toward the end of the month to help garner fines and balance the budgets of their respective cities. It's sad, but has become an accepted fact in my little corner of the world.
When will it end? Never. This is America and though I love her, I wince at the powerful nation that has worsened it's reputation with the world over and over . . .

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