drug tests
I find it difficult to comment, because I know very little about either the US constitution or its application of welfare other than it's not a particularly socially-minded nation. I do take issue with certain people here in Australia who are receiving sickness benefits because they're unfit to work due to drug or alcohol addiction. Not that I'd employ them either... but really, that's not helping anyone is it? If they have kids they need to support and they're too off their face to work, then they're not fit to be parents either and the kids should be removed from the environment, then the addicts are on their own. We have state funded rehabilitation available, and if they want to be functional members of society they should take advantage of it -- if they don't, then they don't exactly deserve to be propped up by the rest of us. But drug testing as a blanket budget measure? That's discriminatory. Plenty of people can still function with drugs in their system -- hell, most writers can't function WITHOUT drugs in their system. An arbitrary "in the presence of this you can't collect your cheque" is lame.
It could be worse

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