Rain Light - edit2

As I sat on my porch this afternoon
cool cloud-shine flicked to thundering sun-shower:
bright instant rays of flashing icicle
filled eye-space everywhere that could be seen.

This rare and cataclysmic-looking fall
spared book and watcher underneath his roof
from all but fragmentary mist and awe
in comfort to enjoy a threshing rain.

There must be others roofless in some storm
this day who curse an unexpected drench–
must my delight yield to their misery
or not, I ponder, watching home and dry?

Head turned by such unexpected praise (and also, there's not much point in asking for critique if you don't take unanimous advice on what doesn't work). the disliked Lesson now left unresolved.

A more personal (?) observation for @WJames
Wouldn't a hippopotamus be a really cool popotamus, as distinct from a momotamus?  Just wondered...
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