How's everyone doing since the government determined you weren't essential?  Introverts are thriving, teaching extroverts how to save lives by not engaging.

I manage a chain of dog houses and this has been a wild ride.  First dog boarding and daycare are essential as long as they're supporting essential employees, however dog grooming is not essential.  The vast majority of grooming salons in the country have closed with groomers reporting other salons they believe to be operating. 'if I can't work, you can't work' 'were all in this together,'  In Houston I applied for an exemption to the stay at home order with my justification.

'dog boarding and daycare are essential but they're useless without grooming.  Grooming is a thorough head-to-toe cleaning of the dog. I took an infectious diseases course and the number one response is cleaning.  It may be okay to hold off bathing or clipping your dog for two weeks or a month or a year, but if an entire month worth of clients holds off, there will be uncontrollable crowds of people taking care of their dogs when the stay at home order is lifted, and the virus won't be magically gone.  We don't require a lot of people, and we already spread out our services, staying open for us is flattening the curve, not to mention all the people at home who don't know how or physically can't demat their dogs, clean the undercoat, whether they're elderly or living in an apartment.'

The city judge responded we don't need an exemption, we are essential.  So we're one of the only salons in the country still taking appointments, as long as we're practicing stringent sanitation practices.  We closed a couple of stores and lost a lot of employees but most employees are afraid to leave their homes anyways, (clients too). PetSmart (corporate competitor) is getting a huge backlash because some of their salons are still operating, while pressuring employees to work, while all my employees want to work and I'm making most of them stay home.  Other groomers in the same county have been told they're not essential, I'm wondering if the judge who got my justification has a dog she can't take care of.

This is very exciting, some groomers are warning me about businesses being reviewed for their behavior during this time and would it be worth it?  Take away their license, fines or misdemeanors, the other county we work in I called about an exemption, they said if Harris county told you you could then do it, this is America, our (d.a.?) has already contacted the local municipalities and told them not to bear down on businesses trying to stay open.

Some people have called me a murderer, some have called me a life saver.  How are you doing?  What do you think will happen in the next few months?
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