Three Poems by Isabela Banzon
I've always compared Asian cultures and Hispanic cultures similarly, with all the sub groups, but only against the black white stereotypes that dominate America.  In Houston, white is a minority technically, and I experience a good deal of Hispanic culture.  With the very few Filipino people I've met, out here they've been mistaken for Mexican often, so that's how I imagine their whole culture being taken to easily.  The fact that differentiating between Cambodian Chinese Malaysian Vietnamese Taiwanese I get too confused, Guatemalan, Puertoriqueño, El Salvadoreño, it's the same issue.  So, with America and general colonialization around the world, I can see how the Philippines would take easily to Hispanic culture, since Spain was a major player in spreading thems elves out.

I don't see the Hispanic specifically influence though through the three poems, especially since it's in English, and mentions an American actress.  I can see this same poem as a Spanish woman writing in English with Portuguese strewn throughout and I wouldn't know the difference because I don't know malaysian, Portuguese, or Filipino.  

I do love learning new things and am also interested in others opinions on this.

What language are you transcribing?
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