we don't like this kind of feedback in a workshop
Online poetry forum feedback is a queer game. You sometimes have to express several levels of nonsense to hit a nerve in the truth of the matter. Whatever matter. Look: I met a girl recently who I have to refer to with masculine pronouns. At one and the same time I have to respect the boundaries of me as a man and her as a woman, yet always use the words he or him or his when referring to her. We have to keep that mindset when dealing with poets and poetry online. This we are involved in is a new world of definitions and descriptions. Poetry is now free to be beyond what poetry is . I don't expect to believe any of these things I've just said. But I don't have to believe it. And I don't. We just have to take a stand, and hope someone will make it wrong to say anything rude about us. That is at least the current wave of the future.

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