we don't like this kind of feedback in a workshop
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(09-27-2015, 04:40 PM)ellajam Wrote:  An entry post that was deleted:
Quote:Religion is such a touchy subject to even speak of these days... let alone write about and request advice on. Me being a non-believer, if I were so inclined I could easily "bash" this piece of yourself that I'm sure you're proud of. I wonder if this is the best subject to write on.

If the poster had read the important threads of the forum they had posted in, Novice, they might have understood that no subject is off limits and disliking the POV is no reason to bash a poem or be unable to give it a fair critique.
There is something seriously awry with the backbone of this thread. The "serious" forum we are all trembling over is for "serious workshopping" where contributors post their work to as high a standard of completion as they can possibly achieve ON THEIR OWN. No one ever suggested that critique in "serious" must be in any way of a higher calibre than in any other forum. It is the posted POEM which must be as near perfect as achievable without the benefit of critique...that is to say, the  valid "opinion" of ALL members.
If I have got this wrong then shoot me down and call me Cadaver.
IMO this post was about the poster, not the poem and didn't contribute anything the OP could use. It's a good thing we have more than one mod/admin to review Newly Registered members' posts, that way no one opinion rules the site.
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