So, got a bit of a parable to tell here:

When I was younger, I tried to learn how to shuffle. My mom tried to teach me, my dad tried to teach me, my sister tried to teach me. It didn't catch on. I even went to a professional, who was helping me learn to strengthen my left hand, and she suggested shuffling. But that didn't do anything.
But, recently (a bit after the doc. tried to teach me) I started taking medicine to control my ADD, and I've been noticeably better. I started paying attention to things people told me. So when I asked my mom again, I actually learned how to do it. With a little bit of practice, I've even helped teach my friend.

On a grander scale, (as in, more important than a card trick) the same thing happened when I had a sort of social awakening last year. I realized I actually did like people. I couldn't do anything about that until one of my acquaintances became a good friend. He's what we call "a social butterfly" so he's helped me out a lot.

So, the point of this is sorta to say that we can do anything, but not just by wanting it hard enough. We need a clear head, a desire to learn, and someone to teach us.

I'm sure some of y'all knew this, but I still feel like expressing this. It's a strong sentiment that I feel. And it's something I only found out a few months ago, though it dawned on me but two minutes ago. So I just wanted to shout from my roof-top, y'know?

Anyways, do y'all have stories of when you learned something from a teacher, or maybe taught someone an important lesson?
Or maybe some of you taught yourself something. I sorta did that, but it was more discovering something I like than actually teaching myself, so I'd love to hear any story like that too!
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