History Recycles
(05-24-2023, 04:00 AM)dukealien Wrote:  History Recycles

We eat potatoes like
pre-Famine and pre-Transportation Irish
just not boiled–
only salted, sliced or slivered               "instead" instead of only ?
or reduced to powder and
reconstituted and then
seasoned, salted, fried in oil
or baked if we’re feeling virtuous
and did I mention salted?
All packaged up in cellophane
and Mylar or hot fries
in oiled and peppered
salted cardboard.
So, “food deserts” to the contrary,
no famine; as for Transportation
some poor, not too law-abiding
run their cars on after-use
deep-frying oil.                          my favorite bit
One nit pick, but overall a very righteously fun poem.  Really liked how you used the Irish to segueway into (and structure) the poem.

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