Pigmas 2022-23 3 January
(01-05-2023, 10:48 PM)TranquillityBase Wrote:  Woke up to a dead male deer in our backyard this morning.  First two vultures have arrived.  Not the sort of thing you want to enjoy with your morning coffee.
Because of the overdevelopment of the area, the deer have nowhere to go.  It's really quite depressing.  Good for the vultures I guess.
Know how ya feel. We had a big buck blow through our back fence a few years ago. Didn't know about it until a neighbor called to say our dog was pilfering their garage (Jack escaped through the hole in the fence). Dang deer must've been hit by a truck 'cause he was a big boy. Dragged him to the road for pick up, and before he got picked up somebody cut off his rack, and the vultures made a feast of him- interestingly grisly. It got really stinky, too.

Long story short, that's why your poem resonated with me- you can't write that shit unless you experience it.

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