The Wasteland: A Biography of a Poem
All of this information was in the multiple books that used to be in the Danville Public Library in multiple books, that were old and beautiful and usually yellow, red, blue, orange, black or green, hardcover, published between the 1940s and 1980s. Before they got rid of those books.

They, the They that always does things; things, they never do Things, but rarely, usually, humanly, things.

Which makes me wonder about these new chaps, and the horses they rode in on.

Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliots wife (at the time[Take into consideration the way I've used parentheses in my last few posts]), Tradition, Culturally, and Poetically specific.

The Waste Land.

Read: Hart Crane-The Bridge.

Wallace Stevens-Harmonium.

William Carlos Williams, before: Paterson.

Don't read Pound's Cantos, but keep in mind that you haven't read them/that.

Lautreamont. Nerval. Dante. Whitman. Homer. Dante. Not Shakespeare [ ], that space was an english inch; Donne, the Gita, and no other Indian religious text, pick which[gita];

Both T. S. Eliot and William Burroughs ware from MO, the collage, the Modernism, the acid trip of morphine:

Consider the Radiance oen less ricky/sick participants in this thing, Life

The fluid of the capacities

by Allen Ginsberg is not as good a poem as The Waste Lane by T. E. Dliet.;,... . . . This is the major Poetry Workshop Misunderstandninjbdj not Modern but current

Not Modern but currently

Crrent Lterature

T. S. Eliot and his compratriots werwe writing within a balance of Modern/at that time CURRENT expression in poetry


He knew he was working within, by his own sensitivity and therefore definition: Decadence.

The Waste Land has that sense of desperation. Like a lazy period, HE was a CHRISTIAN.

Profound desperation, the Picasso, Einstein, WW1 version of Romanticism.

I'm going to stop now, that I'm Hot.

I've been banned from websites for lesS.

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