(09-23-2022, 03:01 AM)Mark A Becker Wrote:  
(09-23-2022, 12:48 AM)Mark A Becker Wrote:  Hey Tim- good short one!
I didn't need S.2, so I cut it (like I always do). And, YES, that digging that dogs do explains things a 'hole' lot better than most people can.

How do I explain something
even my dog knows
with absolute clarity?

I guess I’ve run
love to the ground.

Like a dog
I’ll just dig in the dust
and lay down.
Is that explanation enough?

On second thought, I think that the first 2 lines of S.2 are needed for context, so I un-cut them.
Thanks Mark.  Cuts you seetled on seem right to me.

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