Non Absit Omen
(05-16-2020, 07:34 AM)JaggedEdge Wrote:  
(05-16-2020, 06:11 AM)dukealien Wrote:  Non Absit Omen

my Easter breakfast egg
was fertile
but ate just fine regardless
after poaching
I like the imagery here and the way you directed the poem to poaching, interesting read, also I like the way you mention it being fertile, but what does that mean?
Shouldn't explain, but just for information purposes...

absit omen = let what this omen foretells not happen
non absit omen = let what this omen foretells not fail to happen

As I understand it (knowledgeable farmers please correct me!) eggs these days are pretty specifically produced either for eating or to hatch into more chickens.  The latter call for fertile ones, i.e. chick is developing.  The usual signs are a spot, tough membrane, and some vein-like structures. In the confusion of the virus, and unpredictable demand, I'm given to understand that some eggs were repurposed - demand for chicks was down, so although they were likely fertile they went into the eating channel of distribution.  This was not the only one  in that particular dozen.  Fertile eggs are safe to eat, and favored in some cultures.

Add Easter (when this actually happened) with its connotations of rebirth and renewal, and make up an interpretation, if any  Wink .
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