(05-11-2020, 01:39 AM)Emacskye Wrote:  Shielding 
A viral assassin has us in a global snare.
12 weeks or more, shielding,
Distance, our blade against the exponential.
I’m kept safe by returning to the fold.
Under the hens wing, I wait,
Safe, familiar, my home but not home.
I  regress to my teenage room, repurposed, 
A student’s desk ready for the day job.
Zoom, meetings fill the hours.
Knitting fills the minutes.
I repetitively stitch, squares of time,
Together, into a quilt of safe internment.
We bridge the social distance.  
On screen, our relationship continues
Quietly, we ensure our loves resilience.
We synchronise, our hearts and films.
The physical immaterial, for now.
We distance, but don’t diminish what is.
Good timely topic that will connect. Well, this is merely my opinion, I'd like some more feeling to it. It seems like a straight ahead description of these events, but I'd like more of a personal perspective, feeling-based. Maybe some poetic metaphor can emerge from that. Keep in mind I don't know much about peotry myself, so don't take this too seriously.

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