I sneaked my dog in through the back door at my local groomer's, after knocking several times. A woman emerged from the shadows, wearing a surgical mask. 'bath, blow dry, nails, teeth.' I whispered. She nodded, and held up her fingers in a 'V', meaning 'we'll call you in two hours.' Then I noticed that the front door was open, and had a sign saying 'we are open'. So I guess dog groomers haven't been shut down here after all, thank Pluto.
But they never clip my dog's nails. Nor brush his teeth properly. I do the latter task, but he's too frisky for me to do the former. He doesn't like anything touching his paws.

I wonder if they have 'independent contractors' which would also be illegal if they're grooming in a grooming salon.  Not that I would report them, there's no competition when I can get the nails to the quick everytime.  I've gotten the teeth complaint, but so do all groomers without anesthesia honestly.  Some cities aren't even allowing emergency grooming in vet offices because it's deemed non-essential, freaking stupid if you ask me, safety first, please the masses
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