In my state, the business I work in apparently considered essential. I understand it to a degree, because many of our clients are truly essential, and they all need tech support. Nevertheless, I work in a small local support business, and we don't have the capability to provide the enterprise level support that truly essential workers should be getting.

All that is supplemented by the fact that my boss doesn't actually believe the virus is real. Conspiracies and 5G networks and all that. He thinks Trump and his patriot friends are secretly using the virus against the secret devil-worshiping rulers of the world that eat children. Business is slow so I've been hearing lots of that lately. But it is still running, so I still get paid. I've been searching for a new job since getting my degree, and the virus has really slowed down the hiring process nationwide.

At this point, I go to work or stay home, depending on the day, and try not to engage with anyone beyond my normal circle. I'm normally introverted, so I haven't had much to complain. Mostly binging shows on YouTube or working on some side projects. Occasional yard work as well.
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