The Tower of Marbalee
There was once a man named The Unspoken who resided in a tower overlooking the town of Marbalee.
It was the tallest tower in the valley; Isolated in a meadow, colored purple with the fragrant odor of Lavender thick in the summer air. 
In the tower The Unspoken would stay; Isolated from the city he once frequented in his childhood. 
He thought back to the days of the past, where his one true love Angela shared his company.
She would sing the songs passed down by her mother.
 Every day she would venture into the meadow picking the wildflowers that grew. 
Thinking back to the fateful day he shuddered. 
Murdered in cold blood by his own hands. He hated the monster that lay beneath for that was his curse. 
A shapeshifter meant to never love. Isolated in the tower to forever grieve until his last breath. 

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