Hope is a grinning puddle on a stormy day
Your mind fills me with a sense of vellichor
 It’s so sad to know that even if I lived
Two hundred years I wouldn´t finish
Reading your infinite pages
It´s so sad, but now I have you here
By my side, and we are talking, and
I am over the moon and you are under
The scars and your pain is no longer painful
And our eyes no longer cry and we
No longer exist how we used to exist
And the long dry way we used to walk
Now is green and even longer, endless
Oh please let me sing for you, birds
Oh birds, let me tell you how I am
On cloud nine and you are just on a tree
And you can´t see what I glimpse from here
Let me tell you what I see, let me tell
You please while I can, cause I´m afraid
The sky I´m actually looking at is just
The reflection of a smiling puddle in  
Which I slipped on my way home. 

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