T.G.I.F. 11/15/19
Ill Met

I lost your love before you won my heart–
your love was mere attraction from the start.

We met and clicked, eyes meeting in the rain;
you loved me to distraction from the start.

I learned to love you back, but you had found
I wouldn’t join your faction from the start.

So now my adoration triggers hate,
my pain’s your satisfaction, from the start.

I curse that wretched day we first locked eyes,
and each succeeding action from the start.

Yet I can’t curse you, though you chained my heart
to your aggrieved reaction, from the start.

We never should have touched, that fateful day;
best would have been retraction from the start.

But this is how we live: now it’s too late
to void our interaction from the start.

These sobriety tests are getting really difficult! Smile
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