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removing the newly registered forum:
How about make the five critiques the membership fee? When they have their 5 critiques (although I think 3 may be better) they can pm to a separate account that all the mods have access to, that they have completed their critiques and are now applying for a change of status. Until they've paid the membership fee, they can't post anywhere. It will drive off those individuals who are still the center of the world, and retain people who have the sense to see that this is necessary to keep the site going. If they will not give critiques then it means we didn't want them anyway as the idea of giving back is obviously foreign to them. I would also institute a policy that if they have not completed the critiques within a given amount of time, you delete their account. This would prevent the need to do cleanings every so often. It would take the burden off the mods as they would not have to keep up with anything, just check on the critiques when the person informs them he has completed the task, and is applying for a change of status. As this would reduce the work load and can be handled by any mode, it would free up time for the poor mods to write poetry they are so yearning to write. I think this would also obviate a lot of the chasing down or warning that is currently being done. If a person feels they have "paid" something for membership they will value it and not want to jeopardize their membership by going off half cocked (insert less trite phrase here) and risk getting expelled. Plus the people who would make it through the process for membership are probably the kind of people who wouldn't rock the boat anyway, that is these people would not be trouble makers (as much) as we have had in the past. This would reduce the level of work the mods have to do and would also reduce the drama on the site, leading to a more productive and calm site. I think there will still be enough drama to satisfy the needs of most people.

Well that’s what I got. I think you will probably reject this suggestion as it makes to much sense.

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