Poll: should we moderate some new posts?
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it sounds like a great idea
15 75.00%
i'm not sold on the idea
3 15.00%
kill all mods
2 10.00%
Total 20 vote(s) 100%
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removing the newly registered forum:
at first i thought the effort would be more than it's worth but when you break it down it should be easier as we don't have to trawl the newly registered every time there's a post and we don't have to work out where they posted feedback.

(01-27-2015, 05:17 AM)rayheinrich Wrote:  I voted for "It sounds like a great idea." because there was no
"It would be a good idea if it weren't for the extra effort it requires."

But since it's not me who'll be efforted and nor, for that matter, participated
or subjugated; this isn't so much feedback as it is character enciphered
bioacoustic noise.

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