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Full Version: chinese hacker
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breaking news on cc.

some loon has killed 7
and injured 20 in a school attack. some of the dead and injured are supposed to be of kindergarten age,

not sure if it's true, (can't find a source yet) should these people
be locked up for life in an insane asylum or just shot where they stand? once and if they get arrested?
well,if it was in china the guy will get the chop for sure,i can't find any link either


(05-12-2010, 08:40 PM)SidewaysDan Wrote: [ -> ]Source

Chinese Newspaper Source
thanks dan.

here's an excerpt;

Experts have blamed pressures caused by modern society for the string of attacks.

if the above is the case how come we're not all out there killing kids with cleavers?

after doing it he killed himself.
why didn't he just kill himself before he did it?