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Full Version: Videos.
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please don't post vids in any poetry forum except miscellaneous, no songs, no movies, no vids. if you vid has a poem, put it in miscellaneous and ask for feedback if you want it.

serge, you're the main culprit Wink (this isn't any kind of reprimand, it's just me saying no vids)

which includes the feedback, no vids anywhere in the critique forums. and seen will be removed. we're okay with an odd pick

only link to something if it's really a necessity,

if you want to show links other than site links, send it in a pm.


we have asked before here

an example:

do you know - by any chance The The?

Armageddon Days Are Here Again (just ask the question, if they want to watch the vid they can google it)

http://youtu.be/c6wa-qOb8eI (no need for the link)