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do you spend writing/reading poetry in a day or a week.

what type of poetry do you read, forum poetry, the classics, beat etc?
(03-25-2013, 09:45 AM)billy Wrote: [ -> ]do you spend writing/reading poetry in a day or a week.

what type of poetry do you read, forum poetry, the classics, beat etc?

thank god I never do something so pretentious as write /poetry/.
I am as consistent a seismic tremblor when it comes to reading. Sometimes devouring 10 poets a day, sometimes reading only instruction manuals for properly shampooing my hair.

Yes, I devour poets.
Never mind the gristle.

it's really hit and miss for me as far as reading goes. usually i get to read lots of poets/poetry when i upload stuff to the reference sections of the site. (mainly audio now) over a year i may write to or three hours a week though i'm not sure people would call my works of pristine art, poetry Hysterical i do read tons of forum poetry and most of the time one can see the reasons for workshops Big Grin. i'm amazed though at the quality of some forum poet's works, we've had some very publishable stuff on this site. (by publishable, i mean actually worthy of publishing)
There's no appreciable difference between the great poetry online and some of the stuff that's published only in print these days -- you just see a lot more of the beginner-to-intermediate levels online, which aren't evident in any other medium. This makes it easier for journeymen to consider themselves masters by association -- but there are very few masters either in print or online, just as it has always been. We remember great poets because... well, they're great.

I try to get to at least a couple of poems I've never read every week... but that's getting more and more difficult as I spend a lot of time reading online stuff and workshopping takes a lot of time, though it's time I am more than happy to spend. Also, life barges in now and then Smile

I also have the old favourites that I will read over and over. I love a good ballad above all else, but I've also given Byron a hell of a beating and Wilde is always waiting when Byron gets tired. Not to mention that old sod Larkin waving at me from his bloody high windows...
It sort of flips back and forth. When I'm writing I'm not reading as much, and when I'm reading a lot I'm not writing. I go through cycles. Generally, I write a few hours a week.

I tend to read just about everything. I probably read two to three poetry collections a month. I also read about 2 stand alone poems a day (not counting workshop poems). I try to get someone new I haven't read into that mix. I have some collections I've read 50-100 times. I also tend to pick a famous poet and work through all of their material. I try to look for themes, techniques, their personal symbolism. I try to write a poem in their style if possible. I also try to work through poetic schools from the first people to be identified in that school to the later people and see how everything progressed.

It varies SO much. Some weeks lots, some not at all.

Here's a collection (when I am reading) that I've become
addicted to (pick a country, any country):


Their home page ain't that bad either: