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Full Version: Favorite flavor of Linux.
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What is your favorite Linux distribution.

I kinda have many, but my top would be Ubuntu 9:10.

Others would be:
  • FreeBSD
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu *
after my mac bites the dust,i'll go ubuntu
laugh if you must, but wtf is ubuntu and is it any good, does it have any flaws of note etc.


I only use Ubuntu, I gave up on Windows a while ago. My current OS is Ubuntu 9:10 on my laptop. Ubuntu 9:04 on my testing server. <-Replaced by FreeBSD 8.

Ubuntu supports about everything, including flash, Java and whatever else you need to use on the web. It also supports Openoffice (Word, Powerpoint, exel), VLC (Multimdeia), Webcam, and whatnot.


Linux is the one of the secure o.s in the recent world.It's coding and utility makes it most powerful o.s among the world.there are many company provides Linux like Ubuntu,red hat etc.. Ubuntu is the best for Linux.it's supports every things which used in other operating system.


Just get the DVD version of Ubuntu.

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What i don't recommend getting is 10.4, the current version. They pillaged and raped the setup; all the stuff that made Ubuntu great in the earlier versions were either replaced or taken out. I mean: Gimp, XSane, and Compiz(the desktop effects software). Try 10.10.


There are many company provides Linux, ubuntu is the best for Linux I used ubuntu.Ubuntu is currently the most popular which mostly peoples are using.
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my favorite are:

My laptop: Ubuntu
My servers: Debian


(06-02-2010, 12:19 AM)halfbaked Wrote: [ -> ]my favorite are:

My laptop: Ubuntu
My servers: Debian

So you have a server at home?


Just a few pointers:

- If you are using a Linux OS, you must prepare space the following partitions
- /root (or /) : stuff you will store programs in
- /swap : this acts like additional memory
- /home : your own space; do what you will.

Sorry. I was negligent.


(06-05-2010, 11:36 AM)velvetfog Wrote: [ -> ]Most Linux distributions these days have an installer that takes care of that for you.

You don't necessarily need a partition called home, but it is a good to have the home directories in a separate partition, so that user files don't fill up the /root partition.

That's why I love ubuntu, they do it as /home/(user)

In ubuntu server, it's /root, where most data is handled, such as compiling.


Ubuntu is currently the best distribution Mandriva Linux and OpenSuse after. It is suitable for new Linux users, and you plan to migrate from Windows to Linux.Ubuntu releases a new version every six months so you are always the last update of software better driver support and it comes pre-installed with the basic software necessary for web browsing, watching movies and music.